“Journeys with a conscience”

Impact Foundation

Impact Foundation was formed to make a real difference in in the community . We wanted to help parents, the school and the young people. We knew that if we wanted to make a difference, it would mean supporting the poorest of families so they can send their children to school without fear of rejection. We knew this would enable the poorest and most vulnerable members of the community to lead better lives day to day with the added hopes and dreams their children’s education may lift out of abject poverty. We also knew we could enable to school to employ the best teachers around to deliver the best possible schooling.

Impact Foundation currently sponsors over 20 children and their families - for £240 per child per year we are able to pay for school fees, library fees, ID card, exam fees, uniform and school books.  Every summer, we hand deliver the payment to the school (in person), inviting a sponsored pupil’s family member to receive the Scholarship Statement.

The Benefits

The benefit of this sponsorship programme is threefold:

  1. The school benefits as it gets the fees it needs to develop their curriculum, pay the staff well and attract more children.
  3. The families benefit because they can send their children to school without fear of costs, knowing they are getting an amazing education.
  5. The children benefit from a diverse curriculum, cultural exchange annually and most importantly they get an amazing start in life.

Here is an example of the Scholarship Statement we provide the family and school

If you want to sponsor a child or make a donation to our Foundation so we can continue to sponsor children throughout their education. Sponsorships are £20 per month but we gratefully accept any donations.