“Journeys with a conscience”

Project Adventures

We endeavour to always match our projects with our client's interests, needs and skills. Most of our projects are based in small communities where the school is the main focus.

Typically our clients might be involved in:

  • Small group-work of English teaching / coaching
  • Teaching English (support and training provided if necessary)
  • Producing learning resources for the school
  • Painting and decorating of classrooms
  • Producing murals
  • Plastering and general maintenance to buildings.
  • Creating play areas including sand and water
  • Manufacture of classroom storage and shelving
  • Environmental clean-ups in the valley and village.
  • Sporting activities and competitions
  • Creating a local community newsletter
  • IT based projects with young people
a helping hand

These are simply examples of the types of work that make an impact. You may not change the world with your work BUT you will change a small part of the world that influences the growth and development of young people. Through small steps, big progress is made. Once you have left the community your work will benefit the locals for a long time to come. You can rest assured also that our commitment to the community is an ongoing one. We know that equally important to the impact you will have made on the community is the impact the community will have made on you.

If you are seeking a travel experience rather than just a holiday... If you relish a challenge and are adaptable... If you can be a team-player and want to give rather than just take in your own life...then Impact Travel and our journeys with a conscience may be just for you.

About School

About Shubhakamana School

Shubhakamana School is a private school with real aspirations to educate the young people of the Taudha district of the Kathmandu Valley. Hari, the Headteacher leads an inspired staff of 18 to teach nearly 200 children that come from all over the area.

What is humbling about this place is the passion and level of aspiration that comes from the staff and children despite their resources and physical environment.

We feel at Impact Travel that we can make a real difference to the lives of those who work here as well as those who are educated here this is our commitment.

Shubhakamana School

Clients teaching at Shubhakamana School in the Kathmandu valley. Not all clients have teaching experience - Impact Travel with help you prepare for your project and make sure you are comfortable in the classroom. All of our clients have always responded very well to the enthusiasm of the children and teachers.



Hari is the Headteacher. He is married to Meena and has 2 children; Smareeka and Samaran both under 5 years old!

He tells me that the school philosophy is Creative, Excellence and Participatory. This means that we want to involve the students to be creative and make them excellent through their participation. When he first came to this school he had a dream to make this school the best in the town. For a reasonable price the students can get a better education. The students pay 400nps per month and they support several families through our scholarship fund. They work with the Nepal Orphans Society and they have 2 orphans currently in the school that come for free.

Hari has a big dream to make the school a residential school in the future so that some of the orphans who are homeless can stay on site - this will help their future considerably. This is a long term dream. At the moment his dream is to have a Hall built so that the students can enjoy dance, yoga, maths and spelling contests and a variety of indoor activities that they cannot have in the small classrooms. He would also love to have a playground facility and a basketball court for the future.



Deepika is 14 years old and lives with her parents and extended family in the Taudha district.

Deepika tells me that she likes the school very much and all the teachers are very kind and they really love her and all the students. Although there are not great facilities she really loves being here because they all make the most of it.

She would like to go to college and after all her studies she would like to be a teacher - a good teacher. She would like to teach the younger children who she really loves.



Kushal is 12 and lives with his mum and dad in the district of Taudha.

He tells that the school is very good because many of his brothers and cousins have passed by here and have achieved success and so the teaching style is very good. He feels really glad to be here because the teachers care about them all.

He would like to be a teacher because there are so many uneducated persons in his country so he would like to educate them all.