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Destinations on Our Itinerary - India

We are currently working on a new exciting India itinerary to include a new project in Palanpur near to Dharamsala

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Dharamsala sits at 2050m above sea level overlooking the stunning Kangra Valley. Dharamsala is most famous for its Tibetan inhabitants living nearby in exile alongside their spiritual leader, HH The Dalai Lama. Whilst Dharamsala is synonymous with Tibet, it is the small former hill-station 4km further up the valley that is home to the Tibetan Government in Exile. This is McLeod Ganj.

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Mcleod Ganj

Mcleod Ganj is home to over 100,000 Tibetans and the number increases daily as people still arrive here in hopes of a life free from oppression that exists in their homeland. A peaceful town where Hindu and Buddhist cultures meet daily. It is a wonderful example of a multi-cultural community that exists in harmony. Here you will be able to rub shoulders with red-robed monks in the town who go about their daily business without any ado. You will visit the amazing Tsuglakhang - the main Tibetan temple complex that is equivalent to the Holiest of Holies that is the Jokhang in Lhasa, Tibet.

One afternoon, you may have the opportunity to watch the Tibetan monks debating finer points of heir philosophy in the very theatrical, ritual debating that takes place in the courtyard. Some previous guests have also been very fortunate to have an audience with the Karmapa Lama, who is also living in exile nearby. Still to this day, the Dalai Lama gives Public Audiences, although these are becoming very rare.

You will get chance to visit the moving Tibetan museum, and understand what the Tibetan people have been through and hear about their hopes for the future.


Our Projects in Dharamkot

We will be based just outside Bhagsu, which neighbours McLeod Ganj. Clients will have the opportunity to carry out environmental projects or carry out invaluable work in the local school.

[Click here to view our project adventures]



Amritsar is famous for its crowning jewel of the Golden Temple - a place of Holy Pilgrimage for Sikhs. There is no doubt you will be moved by the sheer beauty and peaceful grandeur of the Temple.

You will have the opportunity to experience the Golden Temple both at night and during the day. At night you can watch the daily ritual of putting the Guru Granth Sahib, their Holy Book to bed - an amazing example of faith in action that will leave you in awe.

By daylight you will be able wander at leisure around a temple that exubes selflessness and you may like to sit with thousands of other Sikh pilgrims and eat a free meal prepared by volunteers each day. Known as the Langkar, it epitomises the generosity and wonder of the Sikh people.

You may also be able to visiting the Waggha Border - a spectacle of Indian and Pakistani drama where both countries close their gates and attempt to out-show each other in what can only be described (in the positive sense) as political farce... Michael Palin recently visited and compare the atmosphere to that of a local derby!



Sitting on the Yamuna river, Agra is famous for its beautiful Red Fort and the jewel of India, the Taj Mahal. This is a sight to behold, which will inspire and be forever emblazoned upon your minds. Built by Shah Jahan as an edifice of love to act as a mausoleum for his wife, Mumtaz. There is no other sunrise that you will remember after this one.

New Delhi

You will have a limited time in Delhi but your time here will be memorable. You will be able to visit many historical places and places of worship including:

Our Accommodation

Impact Travel endeavours to find the most appropriate accommodation for its clients - in the major cities we visit, we choose centrally located 5 Star luxury hotels that will create a wonderful haven for your visit to India.

New Delhi

Excellent hotel that will allow you to ease into India at your leisure. Excellent hotel facilities and superb dining options in and around the hotel.


5 Star hotel where clients can relax after a hectic and challenging journey and unwind. Close at hand for the amazing Taj Mahal. Superb hotel facilities that you would expect from any international luxury accommodation.


Our two nights here are in modest accommodation that is full of Indian character and charm. All the hotels Impact Travel chooses boast a caring staff and pride themselves on clean and well appointed rooms.


Our main stay in this small town will not disappoint. Impact Travel uses small, friendly hotels where our group can be well looked after. Although India accommodation may not always match Western standards, Impact Travel will make sure your accommodation is clean and comfortable for your stay. You can expect a 2-3 star style of hotel with all mod-cons and a staff that will serve you with a smile.

The Price

Our prices are fully inclusive and include:

Clients are advised that they will need to provide:

  1. Own travel insurance (a copy will be needed prior to departure)
  2. Indian visa (Impact Travel can assist with this process)
  3. Immunisations (Impact Travel can advise on this process)
Day 1 Depart from UK airport
Day 2 Arrive in New Delhi
Transfer to excellent Hotel in Delhi
Brief orientation of local area.
Day 3 Full day tour of New Delhi
India Gate, Mosque, Hindu Temple, Red Fort, Chandi Chowk (Old Delhi)
Day 4 Shatabdi Express train to Amritsar (Punjab)
Transfer to hotel and brief orientation.
Evening visit to Golden Temple.
Day 5 Full visit of Golden Temple and Sikh memorial
Afternoon trip to Waggha Border.
Day 6 Private bus to Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh)
Transfer to hotel and Team meeting.
Day 7 Tour of Dharamsala
Dalai Lama's residence, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Tibetan Museum, Monastery
Day 8 Impact Travel project in local community (details enclosed)
Day 9 Impact Travel project in local community
Day 10 Impact Travel project in local community
Day 11 Impact Travel project in local community
Day 12 Private bus to Agra
Transfer to 5 Star hotel
Day 13 Sunrise at Taj Mahal
Red Fort
Day 14 Private bus to New Delhi International airport
Return to UK
Day 15 Arrive in UK