“Journeys with a conscience”

About Us

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Impact Travel has built up considerable experience in organising escorted tours and community development projects in India and Nepal.

We work with a variety of local contacts to ensure your travel experience is personal and individualised. Our local partners share our philosophy of making your journey one of personal growth - an amazing experience that you will value for years to come.

Our journeys are escorted throughout. The journeys are managed by two UK based company partners to ensure your needs are met as fully as possible and that in the culturally challenging environment where our projects take place, you can be an effective contributor to change.

Impact Travel offers small group unpackaged experiences that reflect the needs and skills of our clients and the needs of the local communities we operate in. Our itineraries and projects will be discussed at length with clients however from time to time, schedules will change owing to unforeseen circumstances. Impact Travel encourages flexibility and adaptability with all clients.

We are acutely aware of the need for cultural sensitivity when working alongside our community partners. We always operate collaboratively with our local contacts, supporting local economies and businesses with ethical policies and credentials.

Impact Travel is an ethical business - ours is not a charity but the projects we take on are of a charitable nature.

Testimonials from some of our recent clients:

“Every minute of this experience has been amazing”

- Lawrence Uttley, Nepal 09

“Thanks to impact Travel for the most amazing 2 weeks of my life – I will never forget it”

- Robert Pixton, Nepal 09

“From the Buddhist and Hindu encounters to the joy shared at the school to the views of the Himalaya – simply breathtaking. We've been swept off to many amazing places thanks to Impact Travel”

- Katie Upton, Nepal 09

“Difficult to put into words. It has been the most inspiring 2 weeks of my life and why I will continue to travel with Impact Travel. Thank you so much”

- Rachael Shillitoe, Nepal 09